Well, I suppose this is the page where I tell you about me and what I do for a living or something like that.

I am basically a MAN.  I lived several years of my live with my belated and beloved wife who died of a brain tumor.

The trails and tribulations that we got through during that time was tough and my dear wife was on of the most magnificent persons I have ever known.

She worked with the “special” kids in the schools and did wonders for both adults and children.

When she dies, I found a book she was working on about how people say the silliest things.

To my surprise, I was one of the most quoted characters in this book.

She had a great sense of humor and I feel so blessed to have known her.

She passed away after my kids got out of college and right before they got married.

As a matter of a fact, she died from a seizure (brain tumors tend to do that) from which she did not recover.

It was devastating and to I had to hold a lot back.

I was the only one left for my kids (one of whom is a wild child) and now I had to go at it alone.

Suffering from Sarcoidosis in my own life, I know that the time I have should be used to try and help my kids more but they are adults and I’m just kind of lost in a limbo now.

It is difficult to find out who you are when your spouse is gone and you are on your own after being married for over 30 years.

She was my life.

This blog is my way of trying to give back to the world in  a little bit and trying to grasp this new world that I’ve been out of touch with because I lived and died (although I am not dead) for my family.

I will use this little outlet as a journal about my life with my own issues and on cancer information….so that if you have cancer in your life, you will have somewhere to go and maybe a direction to go when your loved one is gone.

I chose the name of my blog because one of my best friends from my jobs died of mesothelioma.   I myself have suspected that I have it but life is too short to worry.

I had a young friend figure out the logistics of how to get a domain name in the first place so that’s still a mystery…so don’t ask me about it!

I did take time to figure out how to make everything red because cancer is red to me…but so is love…so this webpage is both.

I’m already being treated for my other lung issue so that’s all you can do really.

I’m stubborn.

Always have been and probably always will be.

So Enough about me.

Enjoy the blog.



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