So my brother went down to the hospital the other day in cardiac arrest.  He is in his 60’s.

He has had a really good life and what is starting to hit me really hard since hearing that he went to the hospital is how fragile and short life really is.

60 years is really not a lot of time and if you think about how much time you waste …it’s even shorter.

My brother has some sort of something called amyloidosis and the progress is not so good.  They are testing him now for bone cancer too.

Apparently it is commonly found with bone cancer and if so, then he has about two or three years according to my sources.

I live so far away from him, so what do you do?

Life is strange.

You grow up in the same household and then you move out and away from one another.  The person you spent close to over 20 years of your existence is then hardly seen and you touch base with cards and the occasional phone call.

Do you ever think that things would be better if life wasn’t so full of technology and jobs were so diverse and all over the place that family units would be …..well…more family like?

Sometimes it is tough to face the reality.

No wife. Almost dead brother. Kids who live far away.


I feel so alone.

I have a girlfriend and we both have our own houses that we once share with our deceased spouses and raised a family in….and now here we are trying to redefine ourselves and so aware of the little time we have left.

We focus on enjoying the little things and laughing but still, sometimes you sit back and start posting on a blog and realize that your life is limited.

It makes it hard for me to understand how some religions can just destroy lives and murder people over the stupidest things.  Really, life is so short anyways that whatever it is that you despise will eventually die on it’s own anyways.

Plus…what is a life filled with murder and blood?

It isn’t a life.

It’s a crazed, maniac filled span of time.

I believe that people who murder and kill and things like that don’t have lives, They have flashes of life. Brief moments of peace if they are lucky but otherwise live in a turmoil that I will never understand.

It must be hell on Earth to live that way. Always angry. Always hunting and running.

Think about it.

There is nothing peaceful about murdering someone.  Even if you are “ok” with it, it will never be a peaceful act and those images and sounds are with the murder forever.

I imagine they must be haunted.

Perhaps that’s the sweet revenge the world has to offer.   IT doesn’t give peace to those who harm others.

This is sad but a bit of relief in the same way.


how did I get off on such a tangent?

This article is meant to be about amyloidosis…so here is a little video for those of you that are wanting to know more.