Cancer is Nothing New

Cancer is not new to this world.

Cancer defined is basically uncontrolled growth. Cancer first starts when cells (of any type) start to grow uncontrollably within the body or the organism.

Abnormal cells that do not regulate themselves are cancer.

Cancer, the second leading cause of death in the U.S., affects half of all men and about one/third of all women in their lifetime.  

Millions of people across the world are living with or have had cancer.

Some of the oldest historical indications of cancer come from very early on in the history of people.

Cancer is not new.

It’s been around for a while.

How do we know this?

The earliest evidence that cancer was hanging out with us humans for a while can be found in the fossilized osteosarcomas (bone tumors) in the mummies in old ancient Egypt.

Not only are they found in the bones, but evidence is suggested in the ancient manuscripts as well.

Even the skulls of the mummies show degradation and destruction similar to what is found today that is caused by cancers in the head and neck regions.

The oldest identification of cancer is an old description of something that was eerily simliar to cancer.

Found on a manuscript that dated to be around 3000 B.C.,  (Edwin Smith Papyrus) this ancient textbook describes old surgeries. There were eight incidences of tumors or ulcers in the breast being removed by a tool called a fire drill and then a statement that there is no treatment for the diseases.



So if Cancer is so old, where did the word cancer come from?

Hippocrates!  (460-470 BC)  – The Father of Medicine.

Hip (my friendly affectionate name for him) was known as the father of medicine and he used the terms carcinos and carcinoma to explain tumors.

The actual Greek work belongs to the word “crab” and it is thought to be related to cancer because of the claw or finger like projections from some forms of cancer.

It was a bit later in Rome where Celsus translated the Hip words to the term cancer (Latin word for crab).

A Greek Doctor byt he name Galen then later used the word for swelling (oncos) to explain tumors he was treating and now, the term “oncologists” are the doctors who specialize in treating cancers.

My oncologists has been seeing me for years and I wonder if he knows this about the origin of cancer.

He treats my sarcoidosis which are permanent scars in my lungs.  I see him because he is experienced in treating damaged lungs such as mine.

My sarcoidosis was not caused by cancer.  It was Walking Pneumonia that did it.

My immune system pretty much sucks.

I have to take immunosuppresent drugs to prevent my lungs from over scarring.

I have to oxygen wherever I go and I over produce iron because I can’t get enough oxygen because of all my scarring, my body is working twice as hard to “breathe” by making more iron.

I actually have to have my blood taken to remove the excessive amount of iron in my body so that it doesn’t become toxic to me.

It is crazy!  It is crazier than some of the things I did in Marikina Valley (  while on duty for the armed forces.

Well..that’s is for today!  Have a blessed day. I’ll talk more about cancer later.  I have a lot of info that I’ve been researching.