Month: August 2015

What do you do after a Cancer Treatment?

Things to Do After Your Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment

Cancer survivors are often eager to return to their “normal self” or rather to good health after their cancer treatment. But their journey to recovery requires enhancing their overall long-term health at least to better help them enjoy their later years in life as cancer survivors.


If you are a cancer survivor, and in particular Mesothelioma, you can improve your health by doing what other normal people do to improve their overall health … you know, like eating healthy, exercising, limiting alcohol and tobacco intake, maintaining a healthy weight, and many other healthy styles of living. Here are ten things to do after your cancer treatment.Read More

Cancer is Nothing New

Cancer is not new to this world.

Cancer defined is basically uncontrolled growth. Cancer first starts when cells (of any type) start to grow uncontrollably within the body or the organism.

Abnormal cells that do not regulate themselves are cancer.

Cancer, the second leading cause of death in the U.S., affects half of all men and about one/third of all women in their lifetime.  Read More