High Heel Runs, Why?

High Heel Runs?


Well, when you have one life to live…the answer, in my opinion, should be why not?

Now that’s not why I’m writing, I’m watching the show called Extreme Weight Loss.

It about these rather largely obese people that have to lose weight and they are on tv while doing it.

It’s a good little show.

So they just showed some people running in something called the high heel run.

But anyways..this show made me wonder something.

It makes me wonder what weight and cancer has to do with each other so I thought I’d take a look at some things ont he internet.

So I guess we should actually define obesity (which I have been diagnosed with)

Being diagnosed as obese is strange because inside, I dont’ feel obese but I guess the fact that I can barely run a 1/4 mile at my age and obesity kind of proves it.

I don’t know.

My wife wasn’t real tiny either.

We are larger people over 5’11” overall so being obese is a strange concept when you’re already a big and tall person.

So..obesity is considered to be abnormally high amounts of body fat.

It is calculated by this thing called a BMI or Body Mass INdex.

The National Institute of Health uses a chart to determine if you are obese or not.

Here’s the chart.


BMI BMI Categories
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 to 24.9 Normal
25.0 to 29.9 Overweight
30.0 and above Obese
If you want to check out your BMI you can do it here: BMI calculator.
For kids, there is a different category so don’t think you are overweight if you’re a kid looking at this post. The last thing you need to worry about as a young kid or young adult is obesity.
You need to worry about living life and being a good human over some BMI stuff.
So people who are normal have less of a chance of getting diseases and certain cancers and I guess that makes sense.
Here’s why:
1. Cancer is uncontrolled cell growth.
2. A normal healthy body has the means to fight cancerous cells that are seen as invader in the body.
3. An obese body has to work harder just to do the things a body needs to do on a daily basis and is more “sluggish” for lack of better words in warding off invaders such as cancer cells.
4. Cancer is an opportunist.
5. Cancer wins and will take the opportunity to win if you let your body perform less than optimal performances.
Interesting huh?
So obesity isn’t the only thing that would increase cancer.  Your body cells also need rest and a healthy mix of nutrients so if you do not give your body those things, it doesn’t matter what your BMI is, you will still be on the losing end.
When you have cancer, you have to optimize your living full circle.
Happiness is a part of fighting cancer. True Story.
So…are a lot of people obese?
Short answer?
Over 50% of adults over 20 are overweight or obese. That makes me wonder if our numbers are wrong or if we really are super fat as a nation.
No wonder there are more incidences of cancer.
Wouldn’t you think that would correlate?
It does.
Sadly, obesity in children has also increased.
So let’s talk about obesity and cancer.
What cancers are associated with obesity?
  • Colon and Rectal Cancer
    • This makes sense to me because a lot of obese people suffer from bowel problems adn many of us are constipated. Constipation means that there are excretory pieces in our bodies longer than usual and that’s a lot of toxic waste hanging out in our bodies…and our body cells are probably tired of working with those toxins in our point.
  • Esophagus
    • I can see where this would happen. You don’t get obese by putting nature’s food in your mouth. Anything that goes in your mouth goes down the Esophagus. So, the cells in your esophagus are like: “HELP! We need easier food to work with!” Not to mention the fact that a lot of processed foods that obese people eat, such as myself, likely has a lot of foods that have things in it that cancer loves. Sugar being one example.
  • Pancreas
    • The pancreas in your body is this little weird organ that is just around the first bend of the intestine.  It produces digestive enzymes and works with the digestive system to help get food and nutrients in your body to the cells that need them. When you eat a lot, and you eat a lot of stuff that needs a lot more “attention” from your body than more natural foods, you likely are stressing your pancreas…and therefore the pancreatic cells are weaker and cancer, the opportunist can hop on that train!
  • Kidney
    • Another one that makes sense to me. As an obese person, I don’t drink as much water as I should. That means my body “steals” the water from my body cells in order to excrete out the wastes that my body doesn’t use or the useless nutrients that I put in my body.  I’m a dark yellow pee person…just in case you wanted to know.  Dark Yellow is not good. Dehydrated body cells don’t move bad things out of your body like they should and when they do, they have to work harder to do so and while they are worker harder…that stray little cancer mutation is coming to kick your ass.
  • Gall Bladder
    • The Gall Bladder is the organ that makes bile.  Bile is used by your liver and your liver “cleans” your blood for things that don’t belong there. Things like alcohol cause your liver to work harder to get the poison out and therefor the gall bladder works more too.   Imagine a consistent flow of bad foods with preservatives and “poisons” and then imagine how tired your gall bladder must be.
  • Thyroid
    • I’m not real sure about the thyroid. I have no clue what this thing does other than make women’s ankles larger than normal.
  • Endometrium
    • Cancer will get in the lining of the uterus.  I imagine this must have something to do with menstruation and the only thing I can think as to how cancer can take advantage of this is maybe because a women’s body can not shed the skin inside of the uterus as easy without the proper hydration and nutrients because of sluggish body cells.
  • Breast Cancer after menopause
    • Uhm…yeah..I’m not sure on this.  Do breast move fluids through them other than blood and milk?  I’m not sure about boobs…except the part where you play with them as a young man and they are nice to look at no matter what age you are.

There are studies out there that show that women who had cancer likely had it as a part of their obesity.

All those health insurance companies that are now charging more for people that are obese is a smart move because they are going to cost a lot of money in cancer treatments.

Here are some of the reasons I was able to find as to why obesity can likely contribute to cancer:

  1. Fat makes more estrogen and estrogen in higher levels has been shown to increase chances of “lady” cancers such as breast cancer and enometrial cancers.
  2. Increased levels of insulin may promote tumor development.
  3. Fat cells make excessive hormones that can actually promote or stop cell growth.
  4. Fat Cells also may take a part in turning tumor cells on and off. (It’s more complicated than that, but it’s not for this blog)
  5. Obesity in people often causes low levels (but chronic)inflammation.

So there you go.

When you choose to lose weight.  You choose to live longer…not just by being skinny but by giving your body the opportunity to fight of the opportunist called cancer.

To me, this explains how you can treat cancer without medications.   The medication is healthy living.