Dying Before Lung Cancer Kills You

I met a woman not too long ago who had two young children and has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

She was a small woman who lived in a quaint town that unfortunately was being taken over by heroine addicts but that’s not really what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about how some people who are diagnosed with lung cancer can die before the cancer kills them and how it can cause their loved ones to suffer even longer than they are probably even aware of.

This particular mother, I’ll call her Rebecca, was an avid smoker.  So I suppose it’s not a surprise that she got lung cancer.

I’m going to tell you the story of Rebecca and then I’m going to tell you why being a Rebecca with Lung cancer is worse than just dying from lung cancer sooner than expected.

So here is Rebecca’s lung cancer story:

Rebecca was a mother of two in a town called Reynolds, NJ. (names changed for protection of almost everything).

Reynolds NJ use to be a hub bub of the county it was in and was booming during the industrial age.

After the Industrial age passed, the city of Reynolds grew old along with the people and many houses became apartments and as I type this is slowly becoming one of the top places to get heroine and coke in the area.

The sad thing is that the children in Reynolds know this and they see “familiar cars” all the time running up and down the street, stopping at the local snack station and making pit stops just behind the Sheetz.

It’s a sad thing and no one in Reynolds really knows what to do but to live in the misery.

So before I truly begin Rebecca’s story..keep in mind her surroundings by living in Reynolds.

Reynolds is a truly depressed area now.  You hear nothing but “It use to be so good” and “This place sucks” from all ages.

It is sad to say the least to watch a town do this but there is not one leader strong enough to make Reynolds shine again.

Instead, dirty politics and big heads have taken over and you get your street paved if you have something special to give the mayor.   Sadly this is all true.

Now..on to Rebecca.

Rebecca has a son Richard and a daughter name McKenzie.  Richard is the oldest child and has struggled with anger and oppositional defiance since he was in the 5th grade (he’s in 9th now…sort of…he should be in 10th).  McKenzie, the youngest is a young lady with a lot of talent but misses a ton of school and often doesn’t finish what she starts.

Ironically, Rebecca, the mother…is the president of the PTA in this little town of Reynolds and she is a spitfire for sure.

Before Richard or McKenzie were in the 5th grade, Rebecca was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told that she needed to quit smoking.

She had a chance of survival.  …but she had to quit.

Fast Forward a couple years and Rebecca beat the cancer and was running the PTA like mad and making the small community elementary school a ton of money to be spent on….something?

No one is really sure where the money goes but hopefully it goes somewhere good.

Anyways, Rebecca  never stopped smoking.  As a matter of a fact, she stopped momentarily and then decided it was too hard.

She put her comfort in front of her children (I know that’s harsh..but bear with me here)

Not to your surprise or mine, Rebecca was diagnosed with lung cancer AGAIN.

But this time the news was not good.  It was stronger this time.

Rebecca went through treatments but again never stopped smoking.

As a matter of a fact, Rebecca decided that since she was going to die anyways that she was going to smoke even more.

Why not? Right?

Well, NO Rebecca….it’s not right.

Here’s why:

#1. Your oppositional defiant son had a chance.  You decided to take some of his chance away from him when you decided to step out of life and not tend to his needs as a young child.

You decided that you wanted to put yourself first and your comfort and live with cancer in misery.  Now your oldest child Richard not only suffers from his conditions but he continues to perform attention seeking behaviors because, quite frankly, you’ve sucked up a lot of attention that he would have gotten had you not been so selfish.

Now don’t get mad at me readers out there saying “she has cancer!”   I understand that.

But what is wrong is that she had a chance to get rid of it and her body was letting her…..and she blew it and now she just accepts it and sucks it up.

Her son and her daughter are the ones that suffer.

Rather than having to deal with the death of their mother and being able to bury her and recover, they have to live everyday and watch their mother die a little more everyday……HELPLESS.

Two children whose mother is suppose to nurture them and show them how to live is showing them how to die by making decisions that prolong her death and ensure her death at the same time.

For shame on your Rebecca for shame.

#2  Your beautiful daughter who was hanging on to the last peek of optimism left in your family line has finally sunken into the depths of your despair.

She’s up, she’s down and she doesn’t know what to do.

While you argue with your husband over the type of menthol you want to help soothe your ache for your addiction, your daughter cries in her pillow because not even her own mother cares enough to help her save her mother.

Poor McKenzie.

#3. Your life was a gift. It’s been a gift and the lord only knows why you are still gifted it but you continue to waste it.

You have the absolute power to help those two beautiful children by showing them how to live and not how to die, but you choose to show them how to die without dignity and without putting anything back into the world.

Your selfishness is beyond my comprehension as I watched a wonderful women die of cancer and not once did she accept it as her death sentence.  She continued to live right through it and the people that she touched were changed forever in a positive way.

You living with your cancer and abusing it the way you do…..For Shame Rebecca For shame.

If you area suffering from a cancer, don’t drown in the sorrow of what you think is your destiny to die by that cancer.

EVERYONE has a chance at survival and there is one thing I know for sure.  Living and healing has a lot to do with a positive attitude.

If you let your doubts consume you, you can easily destroy the hopes and dreams of not just yourself but those of your children, husband, friends and more.

Don’t be Rebecca….and a few others I have known.

Your life is so  much more precious than that. Treat yourself as your own newborn baby and keep yourself in the best shape you can. Nurture yourself and surround yourself with positive things in life.

Find all the wonderful things in life worth living for rather than all the things in life that may kill you.

You have one LIFE.  One chance to make it the most beautiful experience on this Earth in your world.

Why oh why would you ever give up the chance to experience all of life’s beauty by accepting a death before cancer takes it?

Cancer can change it’s ugly mind.  Live like it will.  Live everyday as if it were the first in your life to make the most positive impact ever!

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