Month: July 2015

What are some different types of cancer treatment?

What are some types of Cancer Treatment?

Being treated for cancer can be scary and knowing what to expect and some possible options can definitely help ease the anxiety.  Going through cancer treatments, no matter what type, is no easy.

The most common forms of cancer treatment are surgery (my preferred option), chemotherapy (eck) and radiation (eck).

The first and most preferred type of cancer treatment is surgery.  This is a great surgery if you catch the cancer before it metasticized (sp?) and has figured out how to travel around in your body.  Sometimes the surgeon may only have to take out a portion of a tumor or it may be the whole tumor.Read More

What do cancer cells look like?

 What do cancer cells look like? How are they identified?

Let’s get a little background on cells before we start this post.

Cells defined are the basic unit and structure of life.  All living things are composed of cells and all cells come from other cells.

Similar to energy in that it can not come from nowhere, the Cell Theory states that cell must come from other cells.

At the microscopic level, cells vary in size and depending on what type of cells are being observed and what type of organism the cells come from.

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What to do when someone has a seizure.

Seizures, unfortunately, are something that I have had to deal with during the times that my wife was suffering through her brain cancer.

I decided to write about this topic today, because my daughter’s little girl had what was called a fibrile seizure this past weekend and I know what a frightening experience it can be to have to witness this type of ordeal in an adult.

I can only imagine the terror that one must have when they see their own child (let alone a small baby) go through a seizure.

Seizures are the bodies signal to let us know something is not right. They can be the result of a back triggering within the body or as a mechanism to protect the body from excessive heat, exhaustion….anything really!

When you witness a seizure of  a loved one, the largest emotion that you will be dealing with is that of helplessness.

When a seizure takes place, there is NOTHING you can do but wait to see what happens.Read More

What to do when you know death is near for you or a loved one.

I know this might seem like such a morbid blog but it is not intended to be.

Dealing with Death is like Dealing with Racism.

People skip by it and they just don’t talk about it.


Because it’s easier.

So dumb.

It’s not easier to ignore important topics in life.

If it’s uncomfortable, it’s probably something that needs to be done.

You see what I’m saying?Read More

High Heel Runs, Why?

High Heel Runs?


Well, when you have one life to live…the answer, in my opinion, should be why not?

Now that’s not why I’m writing, I’m watching the show called Extreme Weight Loss.

It about these rather largely obese people that have to lose weight and they are on tv while doing it.

It’s a good little show.Read More

Dying Before Lung Cancer Kills You

I met a woman not too long ago who had two young children and has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

She was a small woman who lived in a quaint town that unfortunately was being taken over by heroine addicts but that’s not really what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about how some people who are diagnosed with lung cancer can die before the cancer kills them and how it can cause their loved ones to suffer even longer than they are probably even aware of.

This particular mother, I’ll call her Rebecca, was an avid smoker.  So I suppose it’s not a surprise that she got lung cancer.Read More

Enjoying Life After a Loved One Has Passed Away

I have to address this issue because I have seen so many people, including me, forget about what life is really about and they get stuck in their sorrow when a loved one passes (especially a spouse)

I remember when my wife was alive, I use to take her presence for granted.

I would spend so much time in my garage, which was detached from the house, with my tools and talking “shop” that after she died, I just wallowed in sorrow and didn’t visit my workshop for months.

I think maybe I felt some sort of shame or responsibility for her death because I didn’t spend more time with her before she died.Read More

What is Mesothelioma Cancer?

Mesothelioma is a cancer that comes from the cells that line the chest or the abdominal cavities.

Commonly known as the cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos, mesothelioma does not always have to be associated with asbestos.

The term mesothelioma is actually independent of any connection with the word asbestos.Read More