Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer

Welcome to my page!

Although talking about cancer is probably not what we all started out wanting to do with our lives, I have found passion for writing and have decided to write about something that affects all of us.


I have a had a couple run in with asbestos and I’m hoping it isn’t the reason that I have lung issues right now in my life but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

It is hard knowing that one of the most important parts of your body is the one thing that might be failing you.

Walking around with short breathes and not being able to go up a flight of stairs without it sounding like you’re an elephant with a cold is perhaps one of the more noticeable things that tells you something is wrong with your lungs

I don’t want this blog to be about jsut mesothelioma but I do want to talk about cancer, cancer survivors and the lot.

There’s no reason I can’t just make this blog about living and life as well. Why not offer hope and information and put a little good out there in the world?

I’ve had a lot of trails in my life and cancer has affected my family and me. I’ve had things removed from my body and things put in my body all from surgeries most of the time.

There is nothing good about “going under” and barely remember your life (or not remembering it all) the day you go in for surgery.

If you have never had general anesthesia, then you’ll love some of the stuff I’ll post on here.

I plan to help each of you seeking knowledge on cancer, surgeries and more. Mostly I want to focus on spreading knowledge and trying to help you (the reader) get to know yourself a little more and maybe even improve your your life.

Even if you are suffering from Mesothelioma, you don’t have to make it “the last call” and accept anything but the absolute best life for you.

So. This is my introduction post.

Let me tell you about me.

I was raised as an army brat. I’ve lived in so may places growing up, I can’t recall half of them half the time!

You ever notice as you age your memory just kind of comes and goes.

I’m not sure how concerned I should be about this because I feel like if I focus too much on remembering everything I can’t remember anyways then I’ll lose the enjoyment of the moments in life.

And you know what?

Even if I can’t remember all the moments of joy in life, I want to have as many as I can so that my soul…and my body is at peace and living in joy.

Some people find joy with God. Some people find it with Buddha.

I find joy in LOVE and some people call what I call LOVE…God.

But this isn’t a religious blog by any means and truth be told, the last time I went to church was with my wife just before she passed away from a cancerous brain tumor that we suspect was caused from her parents obsessive chain smoking while she was growing up.

No one can ever 100% prove that the environment is what caused her cancer, but that’s the strange thing about cancer.

It hides.

But I believe it sends messages to. Actually…I believe cancer is a lot like a fungus….if not a fungus…but I’ll get into that as we go.

Pictures are hard for me to figure out and I feel like I waste half my life waiting for them to load, but I will make an attempt to try and fill this blog up with positive photos.

My daughter is magnificent at photography and I may have her make me some quotes for you all to share and stay hopeful with.

She is spectacular and I don’t know why she doesn’t just trust that she can make a living with her vision but she is scared of the world without a 9 to 5 job and that is scary to me.

Before I die, I want to help her become successful doing things she loves so that she can live happy and have more time to share with my two beautiful granddaughters.

My son, is a little wild. He has tamed down since he has left our next but there was a time in my life when I wondered if he would make it. Although…I do have to say that my youngest son is still having problems.

If my lung issues are a problem, I would never tell my youngest some because unfortunately it is something he uses as leverage to try and get things to find all the ways he can to “cheat” life.

I love my kids. I want the best for all of them, but there comes a point in life where you have to sit back and watch them stagger and just guide from a distance.

I don’t know what to do for my 37 year old son who hasn’t quite gotten “life” yet. He is stuck in a rut with alchohol, has been married and divorced and doesn’t seem to care a thing about anyone but himself.

It amazes me that my lovely dear kind and giving wife (rip) had this one son who is nothing like her except in his looks. He is mean. He lies to others and he hurts others.

How do you help a son who refuses to help himself and only creates turmoil in your life when you do try to help him?

My son (the youngest) is a wild child that I have no idea how to help. Since my wife has left this Earth things have gotten even worse.

Oh well. I don’t want to bug my readers about my son, but expect to hear about him because I need to find a way to help him before I leave this Earth.

It’s my duty to my wife, my oldest son, my daughter and to my youngest son to help him become a better person.

So ..with that. please know that I intend to share my life with you and hopefully let you know that you’re just a normal as anyone else and you can beat cancer (if you are dealing with) in your mind and still live a quality life that is well beyond even your own expectations!

LIve a life that if FULL and Giving to others.

Life will throw love right back atcha!